Deathwatch Xenos Hunter Collection (Pre-Order 11/7/20)

Deathwatch Xenos Hunter Collection (Pre-Order 11/7/20)

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If you're looking to ensure the Imperium is officially xenos-free, this bundle will kit you out with everything you need – from the new book, datacards, and dice to a mighty host of Deathwatch miniatures with which to purge the alien on the battlefield. And what's more, you get a shiny Deathwatch art print included with the bundle too!

This bundle contains the following:

- 1x Codex Supplement: Deathwatch (64-page hardback book)
- 1x Datacards: Deathwatch (including 32 Deathwatch datacards)
- 1x Combat Patrol: Deathwatch (including 1x Primaris Lieutenant, 1x Primaris Apothecary, 10 Primaris Intercessors, 3x Primaris Aggressors, and 2x Deathwatch Upgrade Frames)
- 2x Outriders (each including 3x Outriders)
- 1x Deathwatch Dice Set (including 20 Deathwatch Dice)
- 2x Deathwatch Upgrade Frame
- 1x Deathwatch Art Print

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