Store Info


We allow all ages! Only the bar is 21+

Store hours

Closing hours vary day to day depending on customer traffic that day.
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday - 12pm to 12pm
Thurdsday/Friday - 12pm to 2am
Saturday - 12pm to 2am
Sunday - 12pm to 6pm


LVL UP Gaming Lounge

7 Johnson Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Available Consoles

PS4, PC and Switch.
See our list of games here.
Paid games on the PS4 require a customer owned gold membership to play online. Free games can be played without one.
Paid games already downloaded on our PC's require a customer account with the game already purchased on it to play. Hard drives with games downloaded on them already can be brought in and played on the PC's.

Video games cost $5 an hour to play, board games are $3 an hour.
Check our Facebook page for updates on events and offers!